Hestia – Hounslow Community Mental Health Resource Service

HCMHRS offers person-centred recovery support to Hounslow residents with mental health needs and low levels of wellbeing. The team focuses on helping people gain skills and confidence to have a future outside the mental health system.

The service enables this through therapeutic groups, outreach companionships, employment support and digital support.

HCMHRS also helps with building self-confidence, encouragement to meet new people, overcoming barriers of independence and access to adult education, training and employment.

The eligibility for the service is the following:

  • Aged 16+
  • Are a resident (or the financial responsibility) of the borough of Hounslow
  • Have mental health needs or a low level of wellbeing

To get referred contact Hestia via:

Telephone: 020 3096 4300

Email: [email protected]

MiD Mediation & Counselling – Counselling for children

Supported by BBC Children in Need, MiD is a charity that specialises in helping children and young adults aged between 4-18 years of age, going through a parent’s divorce and separation. Parental separation and divorce can be a confusing situation for young adults and children, as they may find themselves in the middle of the separation and disputes. This can lead to children having a heightened feeling of sadness or anger and create anxiety, leading to problems at home or at school.

Counselling offers children the time, space and security to discuss their true feelings, make sense of the feelings and come to terms with their parent’s separation with a qualified counsellor who will not criticise or judge and will aim to boost self-esteem.

For more information visit or contact MiD via:

Website: www.midmediation.org.uk

Telephone: 020 8891 6860

Mulberry Centre (Cancer support group)

Mulberry Centre is a local support charity providing practical and emotional support for people that are suffering, related, care or are bereaving someone who has suffered or suffering from cancer. If you are someone looking to talk in confidence about your issues, access information, find understanding and support or maybe even a place to relax or recharge from cancer you are welcome to visit the mulberry centre and talk to their qualified volunteers.

There is a variety of free services to choose from including:

  • Information and drop in support
  • Workshops and activities
  • Counselling
  • Therapies
  • Welfare and benefits information
  • Community outreach

You can get in contact with the centre via:

Website: www.themulberrycentre.co.uk

Telephone: 020 8321 6300

Email: [email protected]

Self Help Resources

Centre for Clinical Interventions

If you suffer from a condition that is affecting your mental health and are looking for specific information about different types of problems then the ‘workbooks' or sets of modules in this section may be relevant to you.

Website: http://www.cci.health.wa.gov.au/Resources/Looking-After-Yourself

Get Self Help - GET

This website provides Cognitive Behaviour Therapy self help and therapy resources, including worksheets and information sheets and self help mp3s.

Website: http://www.getselfhelp.co.uk