The End of a Relationship

Breaking up is hard to do but counselling can help you to navigate the difficult feelings and emotions and strengthen resilience to look forward. Read more

Building Self-Esteem

While low self-esteem is not a disorder, its symptoms can undermine us and lead to anxiety and depression but it is important to realise that it is within our power to feel better and raise our self-esteem. See our article on how you can build self-esteem. Read more

Keeping your head in times of trouble

Finding support, solace and calm within when our Worlds are facing stormy times Read more

Conquering the Clutter Mountain

We have more choice than ever before. Countless products face us down from billboards, TV commercials and window displays. Retailers create and feed addictions irrespective of our needs. Hand vacuums? DVD rewinders? Air-conditioned shoes? How did we live without them? Decluttering is the first step towards learning that less is almost always more. Read more